Atlas: Your Specialized Bilingual Staffing and Growth Experts

We're Here to Help You Grow Through Consulting, Breaking Into New Markets, and Staffing With Elite Bilingual Talent

On this page, you'll find our process for helping you grow, examples and testimonials of some of the best work we've done with major international players like the NBA's growth in China to strong specialized sector leaders like Haworth, as well as our standard processes for success and the standard terms that work for 90% of clients.

You can click here to view a copy of our Standard Terms for staffing in PDF. We find that these terms work for most companies, including major multinationals and small teams of 4-6 people. It lays out the scope of work, lays out what we need from you, and answers core questions (what if we don’t hire? what if a candidate quits for personal reasons after starting?), and offers protections and guarantees accordingly. Here is our process in plain English:

How It Works

1. Staffing Project Setup

The most critical part of hiring takes place before the first candidate is interviewed: how do you best design a role for your team or company's growth in China? We work closely with executives and principals to determine who, when, and why so that your hire can maximize the return on investment of new headcount.

2. Sourcing and Introducing Candidates

We pride ourselves in getting our clients access to the most talented people in the market -- candidates who rarely if ever look around but would join a new firm for the right opportunity. We conduct initial screenings that frame the opportunity for the candidate and send the most promising people to you for a second-round interview.

3. Negotiation to Onboarding

We've found that by understanding a candidate's goals, you can often successfully recruit even if they're receiving higher offers elsewhere. We help you craft offers that include benefits to candidates that do not cost your firm and help you move negotiations at a pace and cadence where the candidate feels respected, wanted, and excited to join.