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Wednesday, Jan. 21 – Speaker Series with Jeremy Goldkorn

On Wednesday, we’ll be honored to spend an evening with Jeremy Goldkorn, the entrepreneur behind Danwei (a Financial Times company), co-host of the Sinica Podcast and savvy observer of international China business and media: 

Jeremy Goldkorn is the Founder and Director of Danwei, a research firm that tracks Chinese media and Internet. Danwei has been publishing a popular website about Chinese media since 2003.  The company was acquired by the Financial Times in 2013.  

After moving to China in 1995, Goldkorn lived in a workers dormitory, started and managed several magazines and a design firm, and rode a bicycle across Xinjiang and Tibet. He has written for publications as diverse as China Economic Quarterly, Cosmopolitan’s China edition (时尚杂志), and The Guardian. He is an Affiliate of the Australian Centre on China in the World and a Co-Editor of the China Story Yearbook.

He is co-host of the Sinica podcast. Goldkorn’s writing, public speaking, and podcasting activities cover a range of subjects from media regulation, Internet business, censorship, and the habits of Chinese Internet users, to Sino-African affairs, the Great Wall, and Chinese consumer culture. Goldkorn was born and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa.


TIME: Wednesday January 21, 7:30PM
LOCATION: Guomao neighborhood – RSVP for details
FORMAT: Presentation to be followed by Q&A and reception
Email for full event details.

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