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In addition to our written blog series, we create multimedia content to provide a full perspective on the international professional experience in China. Take a look at some of these exclusive resources for planning your job search, getting hired and being successful as a foreign professional.

Foreign Professionals Video Series

We’re proud to present a three-part candid and insightful video series about what it’s like living and working in China as an early career foreign professional. View the trailer below and enjoy the full videos here.

Frontiers Ebook

Frontiers Ebook

Articles from the Frontiers series of interviews with successful foreigners in business collected in a convenient and attractive PDF with exclusive analysis and content. Should be required reading for every Chinese major and recent graduate today.

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Foreigners in Tomorrow’s China Workforce Slideshare

Check out the Foreigners in Tomorrow’s China Workforce presentation to learn about the changing demographics of foreign talent in China and developing markets poised for job growth.


Since 2012, we’ve organized speaker talks and panels in Beijing to connect experienced international executives to early-career professionals for inspiration and guidance. Click below to see a partial event list and we hope you can join us soon

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Case Studies

“ATLAS helped me significantly in transitioning to China. They helped me secure a great position in my chosen industry and meet new people and expand my network here."

— Robert Butler

“Abe knows this market better than anyone. In a few minutes he cleared up all of my questions and help explain to me how people are finding great opportunities here"

— Kevin Dewalt